Evaluation and Reflection

The following is the questions and answers taken from an evaluation given to me by the school, asking about the creation of my poster.

1) Visual Communication:

In what ways does the visual communication/message of the piece meet the needs of the brief?

The information that was the only text required on the poster (date and website information, along with the location and purpose of the poster) are clearly shown on the piece in a type that can easily be seen against the background, allowing the audience to understand the purpose and location of where to find more information about the walk on the internet.

In what ways does the visual communication/message of the piece fail to meet the needs of the brief?

Due to the limitation of the amount of information that I could place (just activity, date, town and web address), some people may be confused of where the exact location may take place (if the viewer is unaware of what a typographic walk is (which is somewhat unlikely due to the target audience being people who should know what is is) they may be put off or unsure of the walk’s purpose).

What are the strengths of the visual communication? Why?

The type used is big, bold and is highly contrasting compared to the background, making it easily noticeable on the poster.

What are the weaknesses of the visual communication? Why?

Due to the separated position of the website address, there may be a chance that the viewer will not notice it and get confused about the details of the walk and how to find out more.

In what ways could the piece be mis-read or mis-understood by the audience? Be specific about who the audience is.

The audience will likely be those who enjoy public walks (or those that wish to participate in the walk to meet new people locally/in general), are designers (who use type) or are other students doing projects around type as well.

In what practical ways could the piece be developed or improved?

I believe that the fold effect of the poster could be improved upon to be more realistic, as it looks somewhat too cartoon-ish or low quality as of the moment.

2) Reflection of own working practices:

Be very honest with yourself in this section. Please feel free to approach a member of staff for help finding ways to develop skills.

How was my time keeping?

During the beginning of the project, progress was somewhat slow due to me not being used to the situations of both the school and the actions of the project itself. After time however, I was able to catch up with the time of the projects task near the end.

How was my analysis of the brief?

I was somewhat sure of myself upon seeing the brief as I saw that creating a poster was a mostly simple process in terms of design, as well as knowing that using type would be an interesting yet also simple method creating a design.

How was my research?

As mentioned before, research was mostly slow during the beginning of the project but gradually picked up as I got more in tune with the school and assignment.

How did I draw conclusions from my research?

Using what I had learned from some of my more useful research, I learnt of various things such as type spacing in my poster sketches which helped me understand how to use type more effectively.

How did I use research to generate and develop ideas?

After researching into what the designs of other posters by professionals looked like, I eventually got a grasp on what kind of type I could, such as when I noticed that many type posters I saw used big, bold type to be more easier to read.

How did I use evaluations to help with my ideas generation and development?


How did I use experimentation during the project? How can I make this more effective?

During the project, I experiment with both the software (Adobe Illustrator) that was going to be used for my final piece by testing what I could create using it, creating a basic vector image in order to get my head around the basic tools yet again.

In what ways did I show that I had achieved the Learning Outcomes? How can I improve this next time?

I showed that I had completed the learning outcomes as I had mentioned with each post on my blog what I did and why for each task and note I did.

What parts of the project did I enjoy most? Why was this the case?

Going to Bexhill was quite enjoyable as the great sites of the sea and town were a fresh of fresh air compared to staying in class.

What parts of the project did I enjoy least? Why was this the case?

Creating my first thoughts as it was very difficult at first to put together my ideas in a way that would help me create an effective poster design.

At what times did I work best? Why might this be the case? How can I ensure that I work well at all times?

I believe that I worked best when I was working within a group with my classmates, as I gain a bit more confidence when I know that there is someone backing me up with my progress. In order to continue working at my best, I should consider interacting with my classmates as much as possible to gain their advice and knowledge on their side of the current project.

What areas inspired me? Why was this the case? How could I follow these up?

I believe that the trip to Somerset House was what inspired me to use a beach theme for my poster design, which then turned into just using a picture of the ocean within the final design. It was likely because I admired to design of one of the shell-like statues out front of the house that caused me to remember that Bexhill was right next to the ocean, inspiring the idea. I could try to visit places that are related to the current project in order to find inspiration.

What areas were challenging or difficult?  Why was this the case?

As mentioned already, I found that the initial start of the project was difficult as I struggled somewhat to create brand new ideas in an area I was unfamiliar with.

How can I go about developing and improving the parts I found difficult?

Now that I have experience the task of creating new ideas within this project, I feel a bit more confident for the next project’s start. I may also have to try practicing to make up new ideas on the spot for the next time this happens.

Do I need to develop certain skills? Do I need these now? Or later?

I believe that I should try to improve my blogging skills as I am still not quite used to the idea of it as of the moment. I should try to learn it as quickly as possible due to the great amount of use that I will have to put into my blog within the future.

Any other points?



Type Tour Poster – Final Design

Here is the final result of my poster that I have created during this project, using the the notes, prototype sketches and research that I have recorded over the last few weeks.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 14.29.54

I am very happy with how the end result turned out, as it looks quite nice while still clearly showing of the information it was required to advertise. I love the main image that I chose as it is a very nice view of the ocean to look at and shows off the beauty of Bexhill.

If anything, I do wish that the fold effect of the corner looked a little more realistic, but, with the skills that I currently have at the moment, I still think that it was the best I could of made it look.

Type Tour Poster – Sketchbook

After having researched, practiced and tested various ideas over the last few weeks, I believe that I am finally ready to create my final piece poster. Both during in and out of class, I have be jotting down ideas and sketches which have finally led to a final idea that I have become quite happy with as of this time. The following are photos of each of the pages of work I have done within my sketchbook about trying to disc
over my final idea.

I have done all this work in my sketchbook in order to fully record my notes, findings and hand-drawn sketches that I do not put on the blog. Having everything recorded like this means that I can quickly find any work that I done before and use it for current tasks. It is also there so that I have and actual place to do my work sketches and have them safe together.



Type Tour Poster – Trip to Bexhill

On Friday 2nd, I went to Bexhill with my fellow students in order to gather the type located around it’s town and coast that I will use with the design for my poster. During the trip I managed to collect a large amount of photos of the various type located next to the beach,  highstreet and type gallery that was currently at the coast.

20151002_130817[1] 20151002_114802[1] 20151002_122147[1]

I belive that thanks to the practice from the walk at Tonbridge, I gained enough knowlege for what to do for the real walk, as I knew new places to look for type (e.g. manholes, ghost type) when in a town.

Type Tour Poster – Tonbridge Practice

On Friday (25th), me and my classmates took a walk around Tonbridge in order to prepare us for the upcoming walk around Bexhill, where we will gather the photos for our posters. We roamed around Tonbridge taking photos of as many forms of “Type” as we could, photographing signs, plaques and even gravestones in order to fully understand what sorts of things we would have to look out for during our walk.

20150925_134820 20150925_140444

During the walk I manage to get an idea on the little thing that could be used for the real trip. Things such as road signs, manhole covers and gravestones are very good examples I found, and have given me a bit more knowledge and confidence for the trip.

First Assignment – Graphic Design with Computer Applications 1a – (Type Tour Poster)

As the first design project for this year’s time in Graphic design, I have been task with designing and creating a poster for the purpose of advertising a walk through Bexhill. The design theme for the poster is to be “Type” (word art), using the various letters, words and numbers that we can find during a walk through Bexhill.

This is one of the first times that I have ever had to use “Typing”, so I am quite excited to see how it works and what kinds of artwork I can create using said artstyle.