Project X (Education) – Reflections

Having completed the final designs that will soon be added to our common room for display, we have taken our own time to reflect on what things we may have gained from this experience, as well as what techniques went into achieving our goal.

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For me, I think that the most prominent experience I have taken from this project would be working with a group of individuals whom I have had little interaction with beforehand (with the exception of Sam of course), and to along side them for such a public demonstration. In order to achieve our goals, we had to constantly converse with our ideas and put fourth as much effort as we could to create something with little time to spare.

In a way, this differs from one of the earliest (or the only ones from memory) group projects, in which from what I can remember, had nowhere near as much planning time and conversations as this group. Most of the time back then, we would each give ourselves a different task to add to the project, and while we did communicate, we (I) would mostly stick to our own task. In this project however, we were constantly looking at each others progress and giving feedback to help find a design that all members of the group could agree on.

I also found myself going back to previous works for inspiration a lot more than I do usually, with the likes of both my work on the my FMP and environment project both having some impact on our groups decisions (even if the later was later pushed aside).

I found myself to also be a lot more vocal about my ideas and experiences later on during the project, mainly as I became more familiar with my new peers and how they often excepted the decisions I made about designs and planning.

One thing that I do feel never really stood out to me during this project was the concepts pushed forward by Project X itself, namely the definition of design for good and sustainability, as well as how to provoke conversation about revolutionary ideas, even though at this point in time, most ideas have not only been done already, but often have been created/acted in much greater capacities than what I could even think of myself. I felt like the idea of design for good mostly flew my/our head throughout this project as the concept of creating sustainable designs with a very awkward subject such as education did not necessarily mold well, as it would either mean making a new school rule/event, or a new facility/subject to educate sustainability like we have done.

Nevertheless, other than the importance of teamwork and how enjoyable it is to collaborate in a project with different skilled individuals, I did not learn much else other than maybe a few facts from our lectures. This does not mean however that I dislike the project, as simply keeps me excited for our next group work.


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