Final Major Project – End of Project Evaluation

With the design now finally complete, it is time to begin my formal evaluationĀ of the work I have just done and how I feel about it as a designer.

First of all, I am extremely happy with how well these pieces have turned out in terms of overall designot. Each spread almost perfectly matches the imagesame I planned to create, with each one holding the classical/old fashioned style fitting for the page’s concept theme, but have enough originality comming from design which make them more of my own artwork rather than an attempted imitation of an existing work. My personal favourite among the designs would likely be the Kitsune spread as not only is the animal itself one I love the look of, but also because it has the most original appearance of all the designs, with its more stylised face and body shape.

If I did have anything to complain about, I would say that I ended up finding the typeface I used maybe a little lack luster. If I had more time to experiment, I may have been able to create my own typeface which would look much more effective than the current choice. The only other issues I have are with the hand of the familiar spread, which was honestly difficult to look anywhere near presentable, and the unfortunate loss of the greek symbol on the owl’s head, which where hidden by the contrast effect tool.

Overall, I am very pleased with how the piece has turned out and how better it looks on the gloss paper I had it printed on, as it gives the spreads a more professional shine to them compared to some of my previous works which where done on plain paper.