FMP – Starting with Layout

After having a bit of a conversation with one of my tutors, I have realised that today I should start focusing on how I will actually be laying out my spreads, as knowing how the pages and type will be positioned will allow me to understand how to pose my animals when designing them.

Bellow are the current ideas I have for the two possible layouts for the the spreads.


For this version of the layout, I planned to have both pages of the spread to be made with a tea stained background. In the centre of each page will be a rectangular box which will have the illustration on one page, and the type placed within the other. Using this layout will make the designs feel more tidy and contained. It also the process of creation far less time consuming and will give me a clear idea of how big I should make each illustration. The problem with this layout however is that I would have to use larger paper to ensure that the illustrations themselves are big enough to me identifiable, as making them too small will make them too hard to see clearly. The paper that this layout would be printed on would have to be around A4.


This layout design was made to be more open and free flowing compared to the previous. The background is again made out of tea stained paper, but this time the illustration covers the majority of the spread, coming from one page onto the other. This process is far more complicated than the previous and would likely require me to learn a few new photoshop skills to accomplish. However, this design makes the illustration (the main aspect of the spreads) more involving with the layout and could lead to some very interesting effects on the page. This layout could be done on either A3 (idea for cost effectiveness) or A4.

Having looked at both layouts, I believe that I will use the second version of the layout as it seems to have much more potential than the compressed layout which minimises the illustration I will be working on.


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