FMP – Client, Audience & Message

Before I go any further into the project, I believe that it is important right now to think about the intended target audience and client of my self made project, before I miss the opportunity to discuss the point of my designs or fall flat on my face when the ideas I have do not support themselves for a real life audience to see.

From the start of the project, my main target audience with these illustrations is people who enjoy the tales of mythology. For people, like myself, who love the mystical tales of dragons, monsters and spirits which were (and still are) believed to wonder our world so many years ago. However, I also want to push forward and tell people about the creatures of not just our cultures, but other ones as well, as I want to also teach my fellow mythology fans about stories taking place across the globe, as I find many of those stories to be just as, if not even more interesting than the legends that we made over in England. Notable cultures I wish to possibly include are European, Japanese, Mexican, Norse, Aztecan and Egyptian mythologies. There are so many different mythologies around the world that possibly including such a diverse amount of stories my attract fans of foreign folktales as well as local ones, allowing them to learn about our own as we learn from theirs.

The second half of my ideas are aimed towards animal fans, which should be pretty plentiful due to the amount of pet owners sound the world. While it would be interesting just to write about mythology in general, I feel that having a more focused audience by using animals as the main topic will attract more attention towards the actual mythology, as well as serve to simplify the overall size of the book so that people who are not normally interested/knowledgeable in the stories of mythology can easily get into it and understand.

The main idea I have in terms of a client would likely be somewhere similar to the client we would of had during the Conspiracy Theory project in which we worked for a museum holding a conspiracy themed exhibition which are our books were made to promote. In this case, my designs would be given to either a museum who has an exhibition or event based around mythology and folklore, or an educational company/group who wish to produce a book for children/young adults to expose them to new and interesting folklore, myths and legends across the globe.


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