Video Evaluation – “Thinking Like a Traveler”

The second image which we were tasked of viewing was another video about the concept  creative thinking and how to use it effectively. This time, the video is a clip taken from a much longer presentation by a speaker called Tom Kelley. In the clip he goes on to speak of one of the many habits which he came up with that help people see the world with more clear ideas.

The idea itself was to “think like a traveler”, to see the world around you with a fresh set of eyes by imagining yourself as a traveling foreigner/visitor, as he mentions how when people go on holidays to new places, their brains go into an adrenaline-like state where the notice everything around them due to being in an unfamiliar location. He says that by forcing yourself into this state that you can become more self aware of the world around you and improve your way of thinking.

I honestly find this idea to be a very interesting concept as the idea of seeing a familiar place with new eyes can lead to some odd discoveries and ideas you may have never noticed before. This concept could be very helpful within the future for projects/tasks that require me to “notice” more, such as describing a location at home or such. I also enjoy the conviction of the speaker Tom as well, as he puts a lot of emphasis on his ideas as well as how he try to communicate and convince the students he talks to to also pick up the good habits he mentions.


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