Video Evaluation – “The Health Benefits of Going Outside”

As one of the recent tasks given to us after the return from the easter holidays, I was asked to watch several videos about various environmental and thinking related content. This video was about the mental (and physical) health benefits of going outside and just sitting/walk within a beautiful part of nature, such as a forest.

The video was very thought provoking in terms of how we live our daily lives mostly indoors, with very little time spent outside in the fresh air away from any forms of electronics. The main “character” of the video is an office dweller who talks and performs various relaxing activities with eco-therapists in order to learn the importance of spending some time in the outdoors without touching their phone.

Some of the realisations that I made while watch this video is that I may spend way too much of my time indoors, and that as of a result feel fatigued and somewhat unhappy because of this. From some moments of my own experience, going on walks in parks or on beaches (etc.) has always given me some help to think, as the fresh air combined with movement have improved my mood for  when trying to come up with new ideas. I’ve also felt that the simple act of walking can help my mind gain some momentum for imagination, something which I regularly do at home.

Having watched this video, I have noticed that I may need to rethink how much time I try working at home or in college, I may possibly have to find some times within the week to sit outside to brainstorm for my ideas from now on. I find many of the concepts brought up with this video to be very relatable and true when it comes to creative/effective thinking and I will have to take it to heart about subject of my own mental health.


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