Today we have received a very sudden bomb project from an organisation known as “Kent Sales Academy”, a somewhat new group who are trying to run a training programme which will help youngsters to obtain sales skills early on. They have given us the task of creating a brand logo for their company which will serve to promote their goal of teaching salesmanship.

After a long speech by our client about the history and goals of the company itself, I went straight into the designing of the logo as the deadline for the project at the time was in just a few days, and unnecessary research would just delay my work.  So I began working on illustrator to create a simple (yet understandable) logo for the company’s brand using whatever ideas I had at the time. In order to give me some ideas for possible concepts for the design, I did look up some images of the logos of similar businesses for inspiration.

The first idea I attempted was the create a pixelated “£” sign as would help represent the company being about sales. I created it using a loose grid of squares and coloured in the sign. After doing this however, I found that the sign was very crude and somewhat unidentifiable to me (a very bad point for the design). So I moved onto the next and more successful idea.

Next I attempted was somewhat a more traditional design using just the initials of the name and a classical shield and crown design, something that I have notably seen in many professional British company logos. While I liked the way that the Initials themselves looked on the shield, I felt that the overall design was a bit lacklustre and had very little show for the company, so I dropped this idea as well.

My third idea was a odd looking at it now, as I attempted to use a globe wearing a graduation cap to represent a comment I remember hearing doing the lecture about the company being global. After creating the globe however, I again felt like the design was very boring and that for this one, it looked more like a piece of clip-art rather than a professional design.

The Final idea I had was to focus more on the type style first and add a small piece of graphics after. The result ended up bing the name of the company alongside the small graduation cap from before (as the cap itself has always been seen and used as a symbol of education) to the right area of the type, as the string hanging off of the cap (which I made to look like a dollar sign to promote the theme of sales/money) gets in the way.

I am much happier with the overall design of this newer logo as it focuses more on the name of the company itself rather than a silly bit of design. The graduation cap adds just enough flavour to the design to make it an interesting design while still remaining simple and recognisable.