FMP – Kitsune Sketches

With one of my animal choices now set, I have begun to work on a fairly large selection of sketches in an attempt to pull together ideas for what the art style of the Kitsune may look like. Here is a selection of the ideas which I felt came the closest to what I want out of the design.


One of the first designs I tried was a somewhat rough attempt of a traditional Japanese woodblock art style. This was a type design style I had once used prior to me joining this course. I tried this sketch idea as I a had a thought about maybe using the art-style of each animal’s home culture. While this could lead to an interesting path, I feel now that this idea might be too complicated and time consuming method as it would require me to learn several entirely different style in time for the deadline, any of which may end up being pointless should at any time I swap the animal or culture of said animals, leading to a whole lot of time wasted.


This design idea is a lot closer to the what I may have had in mind when I wanted a unique take on how to the Kitsune would look. It has a somewhat stylistic interpretation of the fox’s figure, yet the face is leaning more towards the style of a more traditional Japanese Kitsune. I later a made a more refined and presentable version of the design down bellow.



The final idea that I found the most appealing was the last image shown above, as it has the combination of traditional style of its culture, but has its own sense of originality which I really do enjoy. I can also use the length of its tails to create a design which carries over to the over side of the spread make the design feel more larger. I may make some alterations to the over posing/design over time, but I will most definitely try to incorporate this version of the Kitsune within my final piece.


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