LightMaker – Final Presentation

Today we held the final presentation for the LightMaker project, showing our ideas to the clients to receive their feedback on our ideas and presentation of them. I presented my design ideas in the form of PDFs, as they were an accepted format for the presentation, allowed me free control over their size and because I saw the use of a power point being a bit unnecessary for just 3 images.

The presentation itself went fairly well, with no technical errors from the files/computer and no (not many) errors on my half. Not to mention that there were no negative reactions from the clients that I saw. After the presentation the clients gave me some feedback on my ideas as a whole. Overall, they seemed very pleased with my designs, saying that they really enjoyed my “artistic” take of the webpage designs. Like me, they also shared a good bit of enthusiasm for us taking an artistic take on how to design their webpages, as liked the amount of animated features I put into my plan.

Namely, the only negative comment they had to mention was about the speed of the “Tankopedia” page, as they questioned how it may make seeing the tanks a bit lengthy/repetitive, to which I completely agree. The only real thing that I can think of in order to prevent the animation from becoming too repetitive and lengthy is to simply speed it up to a quick yet still understandable speed.

Other than that, the clients were pretty happy with my work, as well as myself. Despite only being a week long, I have quite enjoyed the time doing this project as it has given me a bit of a refresh on the web design industry.


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