LightMaker – “World of Tanks” Website (Bomb Project)

Today we have begun a brand new bomb project presented by a very professional design company known as LightMaker, who have asked us to help create mock website designs for the “World of Tanks” computer game.


They have asked us to create a dock/concept design of a suitable website which hammers in the main message to potential players that the game is free-to-play. The way we show this message and website is entirely up to us, as we can (like a pair of trailers shown to us during the prevention of the project) make the website either about the shooting and fighting part of the game, or give it a more sympathetic design that shows the conditions of the soldiers themselves.


We have also been given the option to choose how we wish to present our ideas, as we can show them as either a concept sketch, storyboard or an actual website. I am currently thinking of solely concentrating on creating the concept and storyboard design presentation style as having only one week to think of, design and create an entire (or even just most of) a website seems far too pressuring as of the moment, not to mention that I do not think that I am currently capable of creating high quality websites as of yet.

List of Sources:


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