FMP – Mock Brief Proposal & Feedback

Recently we have created our own mock versions of briefs for our new project, which were handed in to our tutors to be given feedback to help us obtain final ideas.

FMP Brief <— Brief Found Here

I was able to put together a brief idea fairly quickly using some example sources provided by Moodle, as well as using the ideas mention from the results of my mind map and conversation prior to the project. I decided to use the illustration page(s) ideas with the fantasy/fiction theme and see how my tutor would give feedback on the idea and how I planned to learn to use a graphics pad for the end project.

After having given my brief to much tutor, they later returned with some very useful feedback. The feedback itself actually turned into a conversation between me and my tutor. The first piece of advice I was given was to possibly stray from the idea of using the graphics pad so suddenly, as they said that trying to do so now would take too long to learn effectively and may result in an unfinished or lacklustre piece. Instead, it may be better suited to try experimenting with simpler/familiar techniques, such as pencil and pen work.

An idea which spawned from this may be for me to return to the design method which I used for the Conspiracy Theory project not too long ago, where I used aged looking paper and a fine-liner pen to create doodle looking sketches, but this time with colour (possibly using water-colour pencils/paints).

With this method I can then move onto my current (new) idea for project. Instead of focusing on a vague and random fantasy based design theme, I have combined a few of the other ideas from my mind map to create a more focused theme. The new brief I have created is based around two of my favourite topics: mythology and animals. Since before this course, I have loved the ideas and themes of mythologies of different cultures, whether it be the classical tales of dragons and knights of British history, to the more ancient legends of monsters and gods from the greek mythologies. Due to the countless amounts of monsters, gods and spirits spawned from so many stories, there is a great amount of potential for designs within this project, as any of these mythical creatures can be depicted in a variety of ways. For example, I could depict the monsters in either a more realistic style by trying to design what I think they would look like in real life, or I could draw them in the style of a child’s picture book, with a friendlier and/or wild design.

The use of animals within this project is probably one of the most fitting choices I could make as animals have had a massive influence on many of the cultural folktales of practically every culture. For example, some animals (e.g. wolves, crows, black cats etc.) have negative attributes places upon them, labelling them as symbols of bad luck, evil and destruction, spawning stories such as crows being messengers/deliverers of death and black cats being the familiars of witches.

My personal favourite animal within mythology would happen to be the fox, or more specifically the Japanese fox spirits known “Kitsune”. Because of such, I will mostly likely be using foxes as one of my choices of animals to draw for the project. The current other ideas for animals I am likely going to research would be my other favourite animals: cats, wolves and owls, as I am sure that there will be a large abundance of folktales to choose from.

I feel that this new idea I have created is far more solid and potential filled compared to the previous plan, as I can almost clearly see some outcomes for this idea, while it was somewhat difficult to see what might happen with the vague idea of fantasy. In terms of how I will layout the designs for the project itself, I am thinking about continuing the idea of book styled illustrations

I am very happy with this and am hopeful that this project will turn out fruitful within the end.


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