FMP – Mind Map

Today I have finished off a mind map of as many factors as I could think of for what I want to do for my FMP.

The subject part of the mind map was mainly created from ideas and themes that I personally enjoyed as I wanted to make something that I had some love towards. The most notable subjects that I included were mythology (as I have always enjoyed foreign stories of creatures and spirits) and fantasy/fiction (as this could range from drawing strange landscapes to drawing characters/creatures like I do in some of my spare time).

I feel like these two subjects poke out to me the most as they were a personal favourite to draw back before this course, and that I may have drifted a far bit away from drawing them anymore due to not being relevant with my projects. This may be the perfect chance to go back to what led me here and push myself to improve my skills with those subjects by trying out even more methods and experimenting with what I can now create.

In terms of format, I have mostly been thinking about maybe doing an art book of my sketches in either a storybook/educational/gallery (art book) fashion, as that would be a good way (reason) for me to create a varying selection of sketches and images for the FMP, each with a whole page or two dedicated for them. The only idea I have for displaying these designs would be stapling individual illustrations together to form a makeshift book/folder, so that the designs are not only secure, but also neatly available for viewing.


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