Final Major Project – “What I want to Achieve”

With the Final Major Project (FMP) now introduced (not yet started), I have begun to use my time in order to begin some personal research on what I want to do or obtain during the course of this project.

The reason why I say “do or obtain” is because due to this future project being a large freestyle based task with the goal of creating an enjoyable piece(s) to present professionally, I want to make this project my best one yet, using 101% of my abilities to create a design that I am not only proud to look at, but one that may also develop how I work as designer in general.

One thing that I want to make clear now is that I truly want to a leap of faith with my art style and techniques, to be a bit more adventurous and push myself into trying and putting into practice new methods and ideas. In other words, I simply want to try a new form of design within this project and improve myself as a designer, as for the majority of my final works within this course, I have only been using a mix off Adobe Illustrator and InDesign for creating fairly basic vector images. Now I want to create a more complex piece that moves far, far away from vector images and becomes a new stepping stone for me entirely.

One idea for design which I have always been tempted to try (but never pull together the bravery for) is to give an attempt at using a graphics tablet for putting my sketching techniques into a digital format. In terms of what I want the theme of the design to be, I have mostly been thinking of doing a mythological or fantasy theme possibly for a book or illustration collection, as fantasy,mythology and fiction have always been my favourite subjects, and the idea of an illustration collection (book) may suite me fairly well as I enjoy creating multiple pieces of work to put together.I may go further into these ideas in detail pretty soon within their own posts.

In summery, my current rough idea for the final piece is to create a collection of fantasy/mythology themed illustrations and put them together to create an illustration book, or maybe even a story book of sorts. These designs will be done using a method that is not vector image (Adobe Illustrator), such as graphic pad art.


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