Conspiracy Theory – Final Presentation

Today we have had our final Presentation for the Conspiracy Theory project in front of our tutors and classmates. Bellow is the presentation itself:


Final Works

Results of the presentation:

The presentation itself was actually not too much different than the previous attempt, as I received fairly similar responses from the audience and the feedback was quite positive as with before. The main differences compared to the previous presentation however come from how there is now an actual final piece to show and receive comments on.

The piece itself received a pretty good response from the audience with them mentioning how they liked the use the tea stained paper for the design, and how they were also glad that I managed to find a new design method for the end project, as using practical design methods has been something that have not done since the Zine project last year. Just like me they were proud that for once I have moved forward into new design and have developed new techniques.

They did have some improvements on mind for my work however, which they told me during the end of the presentation. The first comment was that they thought that a little more practice with line density and thickness could improve the detail of my designs (this was namely pointed at my code and symbol pages), which I had attempted on the alien page. The other comment that they had was to maybe try adding color to my designs to make them look more appealing, noting that other designs that use tea staining often have (such as watercolors) paints or pencil colors used within the gaps.

Overall, I am very happy with both my final pieces, and the comments that I received, which I have a feeling will come in very hand in the future.















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