Conspiracy Theory – Final Design

Today I have finally finished the final design for this project. Each page has been fully completed and is ready for the final presentation shortly arriving.

screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-14-43-47The first page, slightly out of plan, was the secret code page, which I decided to make into a form of introduction page at the last minute as I had realized that it was a little awkward to think of something to say about codes that could be at least somewhat related to the rest of the pages, as well as take up roughly the same amount of text too.

Looking at it now, I am a little unsure whether or not it may be the page I like the least, as I feel as there were too many empty spaces and that the code itself is a bit plain and boring, as while it suggests that there is a message, it doesn’t do much to emphasis curiosity to me now.

screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-14-43-02The secret society page is probably what I consider the middle ground of what I consider the middle ground of my pieces, being both good and somewhat a little disappointing in my eyes. On one hand I feel that the use of the symbol by its self is far more effective than with something else that could just look like clutter. It gives a very good impression to me about something mysterious and that the author of the book was trying to give an cryptic message. On the other hand however, like the previous page I feel as if the open areas seem to empty and bland, and that there could have been more to improve the line-work of the eye.


This page has definitely secured its position of my faviourt out of the pages. The design feels a lot more like something that would expect to see out of the book if it were real, with a very old fashioned sketch of a creature they discover and recorded. I absolutely love how well the line-work came out compared to the other two, with the thinner and thicker lines greatly bouncing off of each other. Not to mention, there is far less empty space thanks to the smaller sketches surrounding it. In all honestly, I cannot think of any negatives for this page other than maybe the bottom of the page seeming a little baron.

Overall I am very happy with the final piece I have created and am a bit proud of myself that I have finally moved away from just using vector illustrations for my work.


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