“Ology World.com”

Today after receiving a little bit of information from someone about interesting sources to look for in terms of research material, I was led to a fairly strange yet inviting site known as “Ology World.com“, an interactive website that has information not so much about conspiracy theory, but more mythical or science fiction information about various subjects that relatively end in “ology”, such as well known mythology, shown in the form of interactive books.

The topics that the site offers ranges from aliens to dragons to vampires, each created in similar yet fitting ways.

After having a search around the site itself, I discovered that it was mostly just an advertisement for the physical copies of the books themselves. Despite that however, I found each of the subjects, as well as their presentation. The books themselves are actually rather accurate to the design styles I am currently planning on using, using aged styled paper to give the effect of old journals or sketchbooks that have been filled in with information and pieces of odd research created by the author.

I have oddly found that this website is a very good example of what I wish to obtain in terms of design (and possibly some layout choices), and may serve as a good source of information for my final piece. I like how each book claims that it was created as a copy of an old explorer or specialist who has discovered all there is to know about the subject and create an real feeling that this may be a real story. Although, there are some moments when reading the snippets of the books or watching the video were it becomes plainly obvious when the target audience is children due to the way the text and speech is done in a bit too whimsical manner.


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