Making of the Old Pages

Today I have completed the pages which shall be used for my final piece and have all 3 designs at the ready for scanning.

Like mentioned in the previous post, I created the pieces by first taking several sheets of A4 paper and using teabags, which I soaked in hot water for 10 minuets beforehand, and using them like paint brushes to color the pages a golden brown.


After giving the papers a fine coat on both sides, I left them to dry before adding another good layer to get just the right amount of color. After that layer had dried off, I began sketching on the final design onto each of the papers, giving me a faint outline for the next step.


With the outlines sketched on I began using a black fine-liner pen to draw over them, making sure to be as rough and readable as possible in order to make it appear as if the creator was either in a hurry or did not care to much about the quality wherever not need (such as the alien sketch for the secret space program page, where a bit of tidiness was needed else the picture become ruined). After that the pages were ready for scanning.


Overall I am very happy with both the result of these aged pieces of paper as well as how I have finally had a chance to move a little away from using just digital design, and being able to use some new design methods for once. I think that the page I like the most is the alien page, as it seems the most convincing to me general.

The only queries that I can point out at the moment are how the eye drawing seems a little off, as if I did the lines a little too fine compared to the others. Also, while writing this post right now, I have just noticed that the secret code in the image on the right, is incorrectly written. The hidden message itself actually reads “THE CAKE IS A LIE”. However, have accidentally mixed the symbols for the words”IS” and “LIE”. But since no one else actually knows the true meaning of the code, this is not too much of an issue for me, if anything it will throw everyone off from ever solving the puzzle.


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