Design Idea – Old Sketch/Notebook

Taking inspiration from both Genevieve Seille and Barbara Krugers’ books from the V&A as well as the page theme from my first presentation, I have decided that the design them for my pages shall be double page spreads, with one page having a small amount of text on a blank page, giving either some background information or history on the subject of the page (similarly to Barbara Kruger’s book “Picture/Readings”). The other page will have a scan or piece of design created in the style of an aged sheet of notebook paper (like the pages of Seille’s book(s).

While I am very confident of how to do the pages for the first page, with it being just a white page with some small paragraphs placed in the center, the creation of the second pages may be a bit more complicated. The current idea I have for creating the effect of an old notebook page is to take a sheets of A4 paper and dye them all golden-brown with some teabags. Then using a pencil to trace on an existing design I have made, draw on the final designs using a fine-liner pen to give the final effect of an ink drawn sketch on the paper. Afterwards I will have the pages scanned into a computer and edited on from there.

I myself have used tea staining in the past so it is not something that I am completely unsure of how to do, giving me a bit of confidence that this process will be successful. I am actually a little happy about this project as using this method of design will be a much needed change of pace as this will be one of my first change of style in a long time since the beginning of this course.


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