Cosmic Disclosure – Inspiration from the “Higher Beings”

With the new ideas of what I am doing with the sketchbook-like secret code and secret society sign, I have come to the realisation that the cosmic disclosure inspired design has become a little too out of place compared to the remaining pages, as it would make it the only digital piece of work, as at the time I could not think of any way to link it with hand-drawn style.

After noticing this issue I decided to re-watch the documentary in order to find any other possible ideas for designs. Sure enough I found a brand new idea which I somehow had all but forgotten was in the videos. During the majority of the videos I have watched, the interviewee describes the appearance of several races of alien beings known to the secret space programs. The species he notably talks about are: the “Draco’s”, a race of large reptilian beings with servant species under their command, the “Blue Avians”, a race peaceful telepathic bird-men, and the “Sphere Being Alliance”, whose overall appearance seems to differ greatly between its members. The Draco and and Blue Avians even had digital art made of them to give a more detailed visualisation for the audience

These strangely differing alien species have now inspired me to try out a brand new idea which is compatible with the style of the previous two pages. Rather than using the hidden design, I shall instead create a hand-drawn depiction of an alien creature, most likely of my own design rather than using the design given within the video, as I do not want feel like I am stealing the ideas of the interviewee or to create an original design that has already been done.

I have decided on using this idea as I believe that it fits very nicely along side the previous designs, as well as give the 3 pages themselves the appearance of having been made rather roughly in an old by a mysterious person, who knows about government secrets such as the hidden organisations such as the Illuminati and SSP (Secret Space Programme), and that they have seen one of the beings that they have interacted with. Overall I am very happy to have finally found a fitting style for all 3 of my ideas.


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