Conspiracy Theories – Reflection on Ideas

After having had a think about the results and feedback received from the presentation, I have begun to develop a few new ideas for designs thanks to advice I got from it.

For a notable start, I will make the first symbol within the presentation (all-seeing-eye) the sole image on the secret society page, as now both me and my class agree on it being much more effective on its own rather than the version with the human silhouettes, as it leaves more to question, is a nice design and also gives the impression that whoever drew it was trying to tell/warn the reader of something with just the symbol alone.

Secondly, I have had another new idea for the design of the pages in general, which ironically I got from the presentation design theme along side the books from the V&A exhibit. The new plan (which I may further into at a later date), revolves around the idea of making the designs of each page look like they can straight out of an old book that belonged to a researcher, insider or the like which depicts various sketches of objects, words and symbols based on the theme of the page. The pages (like the backgrounds of the presentation) will be made to look like tea-stained paper, giving the effect that the book has been made or  existed for a long time.

While I originally found the idea of an old book easy for both the pages about secret societies and codes as their original designs would not differ by the change of paper, I struggled a bit to think of a design idea that would fit the secret space program page. That was until however I had a conversation in class, which reminded me to go back to the “Cosmic Disclosure” documentary and adapt a new idea of using an alien in the page, almost as if someone had discovered a alien race and had sketch of what they saw, possibly along side text and little sketches of the aliens characteristics (e.g. eyes, hands, etc.).


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