Conspiracy Theories – Sketches

With the presentation leading to some fairly good success for my designs and ideas, as well as spawning some new ideas for my final pieces, I have begun creating the prototype sketches of the pages using the feedback I received from my presentation audience.

The first sketch I did is the new interpretation of the secret society page design I created, as it was well received by the class. I tried originally to rework the design in a newer light, taking aspects of the second design of the eye from the presentation, but found that the most effective and attractive design was site the first. On the right I had tried to add more design as I felt that there was a bit too much empty space for my liking, but, in the end I believe that the use of just the symbol alone is enough in order to make the end design successful.

Next I began working on trying to build a design for an alien which would be used for the secret space program page, serving as a sort of concept or sketch-work of someone trying to record the species they encountered. It took a fair amount of attempts in order to create a species that I saw as both fitting to the stories mentioned in the “Cosmic Disclosure” stories which I had now come to enjoy, as well as being a design I saw as satisfying in general.

It was not until the design below (left) that I felt like I had created something which I both enjoyed looking at and looked like it could be seen in one of the stories of the documentary. The alien itself is mostly based off of the design of the “Draco” species mentioned heavily during certain parts of the interview, where they are depicted as huge, muscular and intimidating reptilian creatures. I made a few personal changes to the design such as the secondary set of arms, lack of wings and the body structure, as well as add a few little sketches of its characteristics which I may likely use in the final design in order to add a little flavor to the context.


Finally, I have done only a few sketches of what could be the design or layout of the secret code page. The reason to why I have only done a few is because creating both the layout and the code itself will require a bit more time to develop, as it will be the equivalent of creating a mostly type piece with a language that you have to make up and design. Therefore I shall create a post about the development of that language at a later date.



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