Conspiracy Theory – Class Presentation

Today we have done short (almost mock-like) PowerPoint presentations of our current ideas and progress within this project which was done in front of our tutors and fellow classmates. PowerPoint shown available bellow:



From what I can remember from after my presentation, I only received feedback from the tutors themselves, most of which was related to the presentation itself. The most notable and useful piece of feedback that I received was from when the tutors asked about the imagery I used for most slides, which I replied to how I used the shape tools of PowerPoint itself to create simple designs just for the presentation, which actually seemed to surprise and impress them somewhat.

In a related point, they also really liked how the shapes all had textures to them that gave them the appearance of felt or fabric material. I also enjoyed this point as it made the designs appear a lot more than just solid colors, something that I want to add in the future for this and later projects.


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