V&A – Libary Book Showcase

After having seen the “So you want a revolution” exhibition toady, we moved to a much  smaller and quieter exhibit for our own eyes. This little exhibit was located within the upstairs library, which was happy to show us a selection of designers’ books from within the UK.

The exhibit consisted of a select yet varying range of book created by several artists and designers. Some of the books were professional works created by artists using existing books and cover from either sketchbooks or notebooks, while notable amount of the collection were hand made with various other more interesting materials and methods, one of the books was even made using home-made paper.

Here is the group of books which have struck my attention out of the many that were available:

The 2 notable books I saw (by Barbara Kruger and Genevieve Seille) took my attention for both layout and design.

The first book, called Picture/Readings, took my attention for its interesting way of laying out images and text without context of each other. While the first page contains a large paragraph of text, the other contains an image with no relation to the text is talking about. This could be interpreted as an artistic touch to add a bit life to the pages.

While the out of context aspect could be an interesting touch to the designs I could eventually create, I don’t feel as if the idea would work with illustrations as much as it would work for photography, as I feel as if it be way to easy to just take a photo rather than create a random image from scratch. That said, the use of a simple page with just some (possibly just a little vague) text with an interesting picture on the other side may be a easy yet fun design in the end.

The second, which was done by Genevieve Seille (called Livre de reference) was possibly the closest piece available in the exhibit that could be related to the ideas of conspiracy theory, due to the entire book itself being a giant code that might not even have an answer. The idea of an old, beaten up book that contains a unsolvable riddle has actually given me a bit of inspiration for what to do for one of my pages, with that new idea being to as mentioned create a secret message that may or may not be possible to translate.


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