V&A – “So You Want a Revolution?”

Today we have gone on a college trip to London in order to a exhibit taking place at the V&A Museum called “So You Want a Revolution”, an exhibition showing the events that shook the world of many young and older people the during the rebellious age between the  60’s and the 70’s. A time were human rights, LSD musicians and cultural uprising were on the high across the globe.

Within the exhibit you would be presented with a pair of headphones attached to a device which could easily be attached to bags or clothing. While wired up to this device, you could listen to the various clips of music and video playing all across the route. These clips either gave information to the listener directly, or simply gave a very fitting and atmospheric vibe of the music of that era.

One of the most memorable and fun parts of the exhibit was when entering one, large room you would be greeted by an open field like area that was surrounded by a giant screen with rock music being played within the headphones. The entire area had been turned into a concert set with actual artificial grass carpeting and beanbag chairs to lie upon, making you feel as if you were really there (if the entire concert was almost abandoned).

There was a only few pieces within the exhibit that actually managed to link up with a few of my own ideas, namely the only few displays I was able to photograph. These displays had very interesting designs, with the use of what could be related back to all-seeing-eyes over the faces of mannequins. This could be a possible design concept for one of my pages relating to secret societies (The Illuminati).

However, other than that specific display, there was very little in terms of design material for my current project and nothing too much that I gained in terms of work material, especially since photos were prohibited by staff. Either way, I am glad that I did take the time to take part in such an experience of an exhibit.


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