1. Professionalism –  It means to keep close contact with a client and listen to their demands yet question wherever you feel there can be improvement. It means to keep well presented and hold good manners towards a client no matter how troublesome they can be. It means to always put a fair amount amount of time and effort into any and all projects and always keep multiple projects into a safe and tidy location to prevent confusion.
  2. Professional Practice – It means to work on or complete a task set with complete seriousness and do your absolute best to ensure that the product is as best as you can make it.It means to complete every task set on or before the deadline give. It means to never rush or skip on any (important) part of a piece of work lest it be ruined in the long run.
  3. Sustainability – It means to ensure that as much (if not all) of the work you produce is as eco-efficient as possible, with as little waste as possible used when designing (paper, ink, etc.). To be able to support one’s self by making clear and thoughtful choices when taking up a job.
  4. Social Responsibility – It means that when you are given a task from a client, you are solely responsible for completing that task and any failure to do so (whether due to laziness or mismanagement) is on your half (unless the task/instructions of said task were to convoluted and poorly handled by the client, which can be a common problem within the freelance business).
  5. Social Awareness – It means to be constantly aware of your own social appearance within the design industry, both keeping sure to maintain as much as a attractive appearance as a designer as well as avoiding any business or actions that would otherwise make you appear less reliable or work friendly towards businesses who would want to hire you.
  6. Social Innovation – It means to have yourself adapt to the current nature/format of the design industry as to not look/become irrelevant to the current standards of a graphic designer. It also means to be completely up to date with any events that may effect the designs overall meaning as to not give off the wrong message to the audience or client.
  7. Design Activism – To always try to maintain and assist other designers maintain a positive image within the industry?

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