Today (while doing my own things) I stumbled upon an add for this website which coincidentally relates to conspiracy theories.

The add led me to a website known as Gaia with the selected page titled “Cosmic Disclosure”, a place dedicated to people who wish to evolve their own consciousness through various spiritual practices such as yoga and watching informative documentaries. The link itself did not send me to one video as I expected, but rather an page with various links and clips dedicated to their previous interview documentaries about human colonisation on other planets as well as extraterrestrial life who are secretly assisting organisations space-travel technology.

The page at this time seems to be celebrating an anniversary of its many videos and had kindly put up a video highlighting their most notable interview moments with a supposed member (or ex-member) of one of the space colonies who secretly own our solar system and possibly beyond.

During the video he mentions various secret organisations, alien races and projects being lead out by the two and gives details about his experiences in taking part as a lower level employee/member. Subjects ranged from there being a super confederation made of 40 or so human groups and 20 human-like alien groups. He also mentions how they attempted to open his and others “third eye” by applying sonic waves to his pineal gland.

Having seen the whole video now entirely, I feel as if I might decide to choose to use alien and space related theories within my choices for final designs, as there are many more ideas for the theme that I had not taken too much into fought. Originally I that theorists simply told stories of abduction and activity, but I did not expect that people like the interviewee in the video would be able to give such an advanced and detailed explanation of a lot more than just an abduction.

Link to the website/page: