“The Creepiest Conspiracy Theories (That Could Be True!) By Thoughty2

Today I have found the following video relating to several conspiracy theories:


The video is a small conspiracy theory documentary about several interesting and strange theories that have been wondering the internet for several years now. The video educated me about several ideas that I had yet to hear before. One of these ideas included a government ran device code-named “HAARP” which manipulates the weather, resulting in many well known disasters such as storms and floods.

Other notable theories included the well known Illuminati group, the royal family being lizard people, an airport with rather disturbing art pieces is a portal to hell and was founded by unknown persons (Illuminati and Co.), and that the government is hiding oil reserves to raise costs.

While I found that several of the theories to be very interesting, the only one that stick out to me for the moment is the Illuminati Order, which has been long known theory to me for some time now.


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