What are Conspiracy Theories?

Today I shall begin doing my main research into the topic of conspiracy theory, what they are and what kind of theories are there that exist.

During my life I have heard many different stories about strong and often ludicrous ideas, ranging from theories about how the royal family and/or other important world leaders are all lizard people who are working towards world domination, to the classical ideas of aliens visiting and abduction. From what I know there can be theories even weirder than that found online, so there should be plenty of material for me to use over the course of the project.

Here are a few of the most prominent theories that I was able to find:

The Moon Landing was Fake

A very popular conspiracy among theorists is that the first moon landing launched by NASA during the great “Space Race” (as well as future launches) was a hoax, and that the landing never happened. Theories about the legitimacy of the landings having been going strong for over the last 40 years and seem to still be here still today.

Those who believe in this theory claim that NASA never really sent men to the moon and that they faked it by creating an acted out recording within a studio. “Proof” for this claim has ranged from viewers saying that they can spot the black curtain in the background, that the stars (on said background) do not match any official star-map, to people working for NASA claiming that the lunch predictions were so low and so expensive that the only way that NASA could win the race was by faking the landing in the end.

Area 51 (The Roswell Crash)

Possibly one of the most (if not the most) well-known conspiracy theories that exist to current day, which revolves around the idea that the government owns a top-secret facility hidden within the Homey Airport base, where they posses various alien/UFO related technology which they use to create high-tech weapons, aircraft and equipment.

Many conspiracy theorists believe that the has been involved in multiple cover-ups of alien activity (such as the Roswell crash in which a crashed surveillance balloon was mistaken for a UFO, and that any excuse given by the military was a giant cover-up) and government hoards technology obtained from those events

The Illuminati

A somewhat more recent conspiracy theory regarding a long since faded secret society known as the Illuminati which pulls various strings from the shadows in order to achieve a  one-world government.

While the idea about the Illuminati being a secret society with big goals is actually true, many theories I have seen go out of the window when it comes to being sensible, as modern media has mostly turned the idea of the group into one big joke, as the once realistic organisation has been claimed by theorists to be responsible for many events, including the assignation of US president John F. Kennedy. There are even beliefs that they are involved in satanic rituals.

9/11 Cover-up

Finally, another very common belief with theorists is that the 9/11 attack back in 2001 was planned and executed by parties other than/including al-Queada and that members of the government and authorities did so for their own personal gain. Others also believe that the collapse of the Twin Towers was due a controlled explosion and not from the plane crash itself, spawning the popular phrase “Jet-fuel can’t melt steel beams“.


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