Food Factory – Final Presentation

Today we have had the final piece presentation in which we did the pencha-kusha style presentation in front of the client and his fellow managers. All members of our original group (+1 from a previous group) all gave our presentations back to back in order to receive feedback from the clients and show off our ideas for the campaign.

(To download the powerpoint presentation for viewing, click hereluke-pascoe)

Using a time-slot order, each original group took turns in presenting each individual idea from each person. With this, me and the rest of my old group took turns in showing the ideas and concepts which have developed since our mock presentation. Along with giving the clients a verbal presentation, we also gave them a paper containing the final piece, some notes about the purpose of the message and a space at the bottom for some feedback.

The presentation itself went rather well in front of the clients, as no errors occurred in the power point and I was able to keep up my talk throughout the whole thing. After doing my presentation I was given a small amount of feedback from the clients on both my speech as well as my idea.

While I am unsure whether or not it was due to time constraint or due to lack of any criticism, none of the clients had any negative feedback, only commenting on how they liked the theme and design before moving on. While I am unsure how to take this response, I am glad to have receive the good feedback.


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