Final Design


Here is the final design for the Pride in the Process project/campaign, as shown in the previous post(s).

Plus – I am quite happy with the overall design of this piece, as I really enjoy how well the angular sketch designs managed to translate into the final product. I am also very glad that I had decided to add the extra time links with the seeds and the sapling, as looking at it now makes me realize that they help flesh out the idea of passing time and the overall process a little more than it did before. I feel as if the overall design for the characters comes off as very friendly, being a somewhat kid-friendly design yet still remaining it’s more serious tone about the message. The logo as well turned out very nice for a last minuet addition as it makes the overall design link to the company a little more than before.

Minus – I am still somewhat unsure about the design/layout of the timeline and path marker itself, as I feel as if it looks a little out of place next the other designs. I also wonder whether I should have given the fruits on the tree the white outlines which I give them afterwards, as looking at them without now irritates me just a little bit for not matching. Something I also worry about in terms of its design is whether or not the design is too simple. I know from experience that simple design is not bad design, but I feel as if the design looks simple not out of style, but rather it looks lazily done or has a lack of skill needed to make it.

Interesting – I think that I may take this art style into a future project at some point maybe, although I may also decide to put a fair bit more practice into it first to ensure some improvement beforehand. I may take some inspiration from the style of the logo as well, as the idea of combining both the type and the logo design of the company serves to create a very fitting design to go alongside the main work.


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