Creating the my Final Design


Using the shape of the farmer from my previous experiment, I copied over the same body shape over to the next characters, as  I wanted to keep each character to around the same body shape and patter, as well as prevent too much difference between each other this if I had done them from scratch. The only exceptions to this rule was the inclusion of the small fruit tree which I included from the original sketches, which I created to go alongside the farmer using similarly angular shapes.


After creating the farmer and tree I began creating the other figures. These figures include: a delivery/storage worker, a worker from the factory, a store clerk/store worker, and the customer.

(Note: For the customer I had a little trouble choosing which skin color I should choose, as I wanted to create as diverse a cast as possible, but did not want to force that factor in. In the end I choose to use the black skin color for the customer thanks to a little bit of feedback in class.)

Like in my original sketches I kept to the idea of placing the factory worker in the center of the image. This is to hopefully hint to the workers that they are a/the central part of the process and have an importance within the hierarchy of the timeline.

After creating the characters I began experimenting with what way I could show the hierarchy and/or importance of their role within the timeline. At first I tried just using the original design idea, which was just a straight timeline with marks for each part of the process.


Next I tried using an idea inspired a little by another groups idea of having a hierarchy pyramid within the timeline, however, I quickly realized that this idea was fairly messy and did not entirely show off the message.


I decided to go back to the original straighter design as I realized that it would also be much more conservative with the amount of room it needs, as too big of a design may create issues for the location should it be selected.

After gaining some feedback and advice, I also began experimenting with the methods of how to show the different paths that the fruit can take. Around the same time I had also decided to add some extra design elements just to add a bit more meat to the appearance as well as complete the timeline properly. I added both a seed and a sapling to the start of the timeline, as I feel as they now show to the audience (workers) how not only do they have to be delivered to them, but they also have to be grown in general.

With some more feedback, I choose to use the the forked line design as it seems a little less confusing compared to the left design.


Here is possible logo that I created on the side to go along with my current design. The logo was made pretty simply using “Impact” typeface and by adding a solid color version of the company’s logo itself. I will use this logo alongside my design to serve as some form of campaign title for either just the presentation, or for the


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