Returning to the Sketches

With the main artist for the original design gone, I have decided to stick with the original art style which I used when drawing up the sketches, as I feel as if they were a very simple yet stylish and understandable design, with the latter being something that will be very important for our non-English speaking audience.

Using the angular and shape based style in my sketches, I began experimenting with what I could do using my favourite program, Adobe Illustrator. I started by creating the farmer which would make the first part of the timeline.


I started creating the farmer by only making half of his body, then when the design was complete, I copied and pasted the design onto the other half. Using this method of creating the character would allow me to create completely symmetrical figures without having to worry about mistakes of wasting time. After mirroring the design, I added a few edits to one side in order to give the farmer a pitch fork, as I believe that by giving the farmer this tool, he becomes a bit more universally recognisable.


With the farmer design complete, I feel very confident about what I can do for the final piece as looking at the farmer now seems t be a fairly good success. The style matches (if not better suits thanks to the white gaps) my original sketches thanks to the tools provided by Illustrator. I may even be able to use this design within the final piece as there does not seem to be anything that wrong with it at the moment, and it will also save me needed time for the rest of the final piece.



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