Food Factory (Session 3 – Mock Idea presentation).

Today we have had the cleint himself make an apperance at the college, of whome we have had to give short presentations to discussing our ideas and try to sell our campiagns over to him as best we can.

We were able to finalise a presenation ready made by a member of our team as well as show the current mock design for the final design itself, which was wonderfully recreated from my sketches by another member of our team (which oddly felt as if it was inspiried by the  artist of the Roald Dahl’s books – “Quentin Blake”).

Both the practice attempt and and official showing of the presentation in front of our client went very well, with no technical difficulties and both me and my fellow speaker managed to speak clearly and effectively throughout the presentation. However, unlike the other groups who presented, our group did not receive any immediate feedback from the client. Whether this was because he saw no faults within the presentation or because he simply forgot is unknown.

Some criticism I noticed myself after the presentation however was that we (I) forgot to mention the method of display for our design idea (which would be the the door flap method). I also noticed that even if we did remember to mention the method in our speech, we were the only group who did not create a real-life design mock-up (in that they edited in their design into actual photos they took within the food factory, showing the client what their designs would look like if they were into the factory).


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