Food Factory (Session 1 & 2)

Today (and Friday) we have been placed into selective groups of a brand new, interesting project which for the moment will be simply known as the “food factory” project to prevent and possible copyright or confidential problems in the future.

The task of this project as of so far is to work as teams in order to create a new idea/design concept for a real client, which will help them lower the amount of food waste occurring within their food processing factory. Whatever way we go for creating this concept, we must also be highly aware of the fact that the staff working within the factory are all of different ethnicity and thus do not speak much (if at all) English.

Because of such we agreed it would be in best interest for the group if we focused on a purely visual design which gets its message from the image(s) alone. This will ensure (or at least help) that the staff can understand what the message of this campaign is trying to say. This will also help encourage us to think a bit more creatively than usually since we must communicate through the sign language of design.

Using the information we had been given, we began working on various ideas of what we could do to communicate with the staff as well as what factors we would have to take into account. As a result, we created a mind map to have a visual representation of ideas.

Using these idea that we had noted from the mind map, we realized that we must try to stay as friendly as possible when trying to communicate to the staff through the design, as  a single misunderstanding within the message could easily come off as an insult to the workers, who we also noted were on minimum wage at the time, so talking about other peoples money would also serve no purpose. On the other hand we also had to be careful about not putting any messages that could potentially insult the clients themselves by making any remarks about the company or their payment.


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