Thumbnail Design Tests – My Brand

With a large majority of the thumbnail designs I have been creating in my book not really hitting the mark for me, I decided to move straight using illustrator for the design tests in hopes of triggering an idea from some type layout experiments by quickly using a digital platform.

I started off creating various layouts of my initials using a default typeface.


After trying with a default typeface, I then found a very interesting typeface called “—“, which has a much more fluid style compared to some of the other typefaces available.


Taking a very strong interest into this typefaces I decided to begin experimenting with background shapes which would add graphic to the overall design, as I did not want a just type logo. However, at this point in time, I was very worried about the possibility of over-simplifying the design of my logo and thus continued looking for options.


Becoming a little desperate for ideas, I tried going back to something I was familiar with when creating logos, which ended up being foxes, an animal which I greatly love and felt as if it could somehow be incorporated into my design. Along with the foxes themselves, I also added a full version of my name using the type the previous attempts.


After a brief discussion with a fellow classmate, I came to realize that I did not have to worry about a design being to simple, and that a simple design may be even more effective than a more complex one. Using this, I went back to the original designs I created and picked out my faviourt of the bunch (that being the top-left of the green circles). However, I also really like the new typeface created during my fox designs, and so I decided to bring both the main design and type together as one logo.


Looking back now, I absolutely love how this design turned out, and simple yet attractive the design is in general, with the solid green and black type being effective on any background. I will surely use this logo within the upcoming final pieces.


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