Letterhead & Business Card – My Brand

With my new logo set, I instantly began work on both the letterhead and the business card, as my experience with creating my celebrity documents gave me a bit of an advantage.

Using the same sizes of the Boris Johnson versions, I created the templates of the letterhead and card. Unlike the Boris versions of the designs, I decided to not use a double side design, as I felt that the idea of using it would be both unnecessary for my own image, as well as a cost issue due to me being just a graphic designer, and thus I would not be able to afford the same amount of ink as someone such as Boris.

The overall designs of the letterhead and business cards where much simpler than Boris’s, as I decided to go with just logo and contact details for these designs (plus a single green circle on the business card just to break up the design a little more). I did this for both the previous money reason mentioned previously, as well as to make the design a bit more similiar to the designs of examples I have seen before.

Business Card

Despite the very simplistic style of the two designs, I am quite pleased with how they have both turned out. Unlike the Boris designs I did before these two, they seem a bit more straightforward and to the point. I will go further into my thoughts within the summery.


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