Creating the Letterhead – Boris Johnson

With my logo and ideas now set, I believe that it is now finally time to put my plans into action and create the final designs for my celebrity Boris, starting with the letterhead.

Using the previous prototype version of the letterhead as a template for the final design, I was able to quickly have a set layout for my letterhead off the bat, with the only notable change being the updated logo.


After having tweaked with some of the information layout a bit, I noticed that the top of the page looks rather a bit baron, even with the logo. Thinking back to my earlier research, I realised that the best thing I could add to fix this was to add a theme-fitting banner to spruce it a bit up. Keeping with the theme of the logo, I decided that the logo would be another British flag.


Next I felt like going even further with the design by using other features I noticed from the examples within my research. The one feature which I could remember myst however was the use of a design on the backside of the sheet, which again, keeping with the theme of the design, added in the form of a large, full-page image of the Union Jack, complete with the logo in its centre.


With the front and back of the letterhead now finished, I know believe that I have completed the letterhead design for this part of the project. Looking at it now, I feel fairly satisfied by how well the design seems fitting to the theme of the celebrity and things such as the banner help make what could have been an empty page into something a bit more interesting and attractive.



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