Creating the Compliment Slip & Business Card

Following up with the final designs I created was the compliment slip and Business card, which thanks to the  letter head also turned up quite quickly. (Due to the simplicity and shorter creation time of these two designs, I will be discussing both of them within this post.)

For the compliment slip (as well as the business card) I first went online in order to research the average sizes for the document itself, finding them to be around 210mm x 99mm (and 180mm x 55mm). Using these measurements I was able to create the suitably sized documents.


Using letterhead as another template for the compliment slip, I began taking the various assets of the letterhead and fitted them onto the page. I decided to swap around the placement of the banner and logo on the compliment slip as I did not want to create a carbon copy of the letterhead, and so I rearranged the assets into a more tidy layout.


I noticed that while placing the contact details, they seem a bit too empty or alone in the corner, or possibly just out of placed due to them being open in the edge. After a little think, I decided to try and “enclose” the text by placing lines similar to the logotype to if would solidify the text, which surprisingly, it did.

After getting that out of the way I finished up the slip by placing the necessary “With compliments” quote on the lower half of the page.


Next I moved onto the business card. This time I had a slightly different idea of what I wanted to try for the business card itself. Using the same resources from the previous two items, I started off by using the Union Jack as the background of the card. Due to the size requirement of the logo (since the text must be large enough to read), I decided that rather than try and fit it over another banner on the top/bottom, it would work better for me if I instead placed the Jack to the sides with the logo for the center.


Next I placed the logo within the center of the flag, using a white block in order to split apart the text of the logo and the colors of the flag. I repeated this process again for the backside of the card, which has the contact details in a blank box.


With both these formats now finished, I can now say that I have finished the celebrity side of this branding project, and am ready to go full force into my own side of branding. I shall go into detail about my thought with these results within a future post.


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