With both brands finally completed, it is time to put together my thoughts on the project and what I find both successful and unsuccessful within this project.


The Celebrity Brand – Boris Johnson

Plus – In terms of the positives for this project, I firstly enjoyed my actual celebrity himself, Boris, as I have seen him as being one of the most easiest celebrities to design out of the many that were pulled out of the hat. Both his appearance, personality and role are all highly recognizable and easily put into design. With the design itself, I still can”t help myself from enjoying how effectively reconcilable is profile is , as well as how the Union Jack supports this factor, as I have had multiple people from out of the college quickly notice the identity of Boris just by seeing the profile itself. For the typeface, while I do not feel as much connected to it as the one for my brand, I still enjoy its fitting style which helps enforce a more formal tone for the logo.

Minus – Despite being something that was recommended by a reviewer, I am still somewhat uncertain of the color difference I made for Boris’s hair and skin, as I feel as if I may had made them too bright. Another odd point I realized after completion was that I may have tried to hammer in the British theme for Boris a little too much with the business card and letterhead, as I think that maybe I should have just used banners/boarders, rather the designs I chose now.

Improvements – For an improvement, I suppose that I could have gotten rid of the excess amount of Union Jack placed in each of the designs, as I feel that maybe I over used the idea. Instead, I could have maybe used the same blue and red colors for banners on each design, as it would seem less forced in like the flags, as well as still stick into the theme.


Plus – Out of the two brand designs I did for this project, I honestly prefer/love this design the most, likely due to being a more personal brand compared to doing one for someone else. Possibly my most favorite part of this design has to be the typeface I used, notably for the full name. I love how fluid and relaxed the type is and how it has a formal yet modern designer tone to it, compared to the more basic Boris type. I also love how well the solid green circle brings out the design as a whole, bring a splash of color and attention to the logo.

Minus – If I have to say anything about the design, its that maybe it is a little too simplistic compared to some of the other ideas I could have done, as a slightly more complex design for something such as the circle could have been added to in a way.

Improvement – As of the moment, I am unable to think of any possible improvements to the design overal.