Boris Branding Questionnaire?

Due to me having a little trouble trying to pick a suitable design for Boris’s final brand design, I have decided to do a questionnaire for the opinions of my classmates in hopes of finding a popular choice among them. I have chosen to use a questionnaire for this test as it is the most efficient way of recording a large amount of answers within a short time.

Here is the questionnaire sheet I created for this task:


From the results I received (several shown above), the majority of answers voted for the 2nd design I created, which was the design that I was mostly leaning towards myself. Answer reasons mostly revolved around how well it depicts Boris as a British member of the Government and how recognizable he appears.

One point that someone mentioned about the appearance of Boris himself was the possibility of slightly changing the color of his skin and eyes, as they noted how is known for having “a pig-skin, red face and bright, yellow hair”. In response to this comment, I quickly tried out a new version with these points in mind, and actually noticed an improvement in the resemblance to Boris.

I am very with the result of this questionnaire as not only did I get an easy answer to my question, but I was also able to improve my design as well.


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