Thumbnail Test designs (Boris)

Today I have been doing a fair bit of experimentation with one of my most notable (and favourite) thumbnail from my previous brainstorm.

It was after a lot of thought that I ended up leaning towards using the original idea for Boris’s brand, which was the design idea of using a side profile of boris in a similar fashion to the traditional British coin with the Queen’s head, as not only does it seem fitting for his position of a British government official, but also due to how many different design variations which I can already see coming from it.

I first started off using a side view image of Boris himself which I found from searching online, which had a perfectly angled side profile that mimicked the head position of the queen on the British coin.

Copyright by Andrew Parsons

Using Adobe Illustrator (my most preffered form of software for design) to create a simplistic veresion of the photo. I made it as simplistic as I could as I didn’t want a very high quality design for the type of brand I was going to create, as it would add no merit for doing so, as well as make the design harder to copy for professional use. I also added a oval/circle border around the design to help neaten up the area around it and make it a little easier to spot any mistake such as gaps.


Here I have been testing with various versions of original design in order to find one that may strike my fancy for a final design choice. (Note, just like in many of my original sketches of the design idea, I have used the Union Jack flag design many of the thumbnails as it fits in with Boris’s position as a member of the British Parliament.



I am actually quite torn between several of the designs shown (above) as they all have some quality which I really enjoy. However, I am mostly leaning towards possibly using the top-centre idea as my final design choice, as I believe that I should try to stick to using Boris’s original hair colour as changing it may make him no longer as recognisable as he is with, as people from outside of the source have easily recognised him without me even saying his name, just because of his hair. The Union Jack behind him also makes the design itself star out a whole lot more than some the others, as well as support his British position. I may need to find a method later on in order to gain some firsthand ideas on which design is the best overall.


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