Branding – Logo Thumbnail Brainstorming

Today, in order to quickly come up with a few new possible ideas for later down the project, I have decided to do a list of thumbnail sketches of logos that I could use for Boris’s brand.

I first decided to start off my sketches by making a list of adjectives about Boris himself, with aspects such as his hair and oddness being notable points, other things I listed off were his popular depiction of him using a bike (as I rediscovered the fact that Boris is an avid supporter of bike riding, and is know for biking around London for work), his British standing point, his friendly nature and his posh tone.

After writing up the list, I selected 5 of the points I saw most suiting for a logo and started working on the thumbnails themselves, starting with the ideas I had freshest in my mind:

Most designs as you can probably see are aimed around the theme of Boris being a national figure within the UK, hence the large variety of British flag based designs. Along with the British flag, I also tried focusing on Boris’s unique hairstyle, as I’ve noticed that with people such as Donald Trump, will often be easily recognise for their unique haircut almost instantly. I have tried in multiple ways here to bring as much attention to his hair as possible, whether it is through making is hair a different colour than the rest of his design, or by combining my previous idea of adding the Union Jack to his hair.

Other ideas I tried were about other popular aspects about Boris, such as his bike, as Boris is well known within the UK for riding a bike around London, as well as incouraging other to use bikes as well.

However, one of my earlist and most prominent ideas I had when creating this page of sketches was the theme of using the classical side portrait of queen elizabeth, using a side portrait of Boirs instead of the queen. Since Boris is concidered a large figure within British Government, it seems fitting that anyone within the government would want to be seen in such a royal view. This idea also allows me to combine several of the previously mentioned ideas such as his haircut and the Union Jack.


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