Celebrity Research – Boris Johnson

Despite knowing a little about the oddball politician, I feel that it is best for me to first do some research for the purpose of understanding Boris’s ideals and political views, as these aspects can heavily effect the overall design of his brand, as certain choices I could make without doing the research beforehand may be inappropriate should they conflict with his true ideals and background.

After starting my research on Boris’s past, I was quick to discover that boris was not actually born within the UK, but New York City (America). This little detail may somewhat effect the designs I can create as his foreign origins may effect (or flat-out push aside) the ideas I had for him to be shown as a purely British figure within the UK. Despite this fact however, I do not see any sign of Boris thinking that this makes him any less British than any other brit, and thus may make my previous ideas still valid for use.

While doing my research, I have also discovered that Boris is a proud and passionate supporter of LGBT rights, as I found a quote from him refusing and criticising a Christian campaign group for wanting to set up advertisement on London buses promoting that gay people should use prayer and seek therapy in oder to cure themselves. He was quoted say that “it is offensive to suggest that being gay is an illness that someone can recover from”.

I have always know, even before this research that boris was the current mayor of London and a prominent member of the government. However, I also know for a long time how much of an oddball Boris has always seemed to be. With dozens (if not hundreds) of humorous or silly quotes taken from his speeches over the years, it is very tempting for me to incorporate some of his more popular quotes for the design of his brand.


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