Celebrity and Self Branding (Boris & Me)

With the early introduction of our new project, we have been given the task of designing a brand for both myself, and a random celebrity that could be professionally used by said celebrity and me.

The brand itself can be created in the form of a logo that the person could use within the marketing of their image and goals. The brand will have to reflect both my aspects and the celebrity’s image by fitting the designs to our more prominent qualities, such as my art style and design techniques and the celebrity’s career or position.

Using the old “pull a name out of the hat” trick using a list of names created by me and the rest of the class, I have been given a rather ironic choice for my celebrity, one of my own given choices, the current British MP “Boris Johnson”. I found this choice to be a rather interesting one since, from what I have seen from various news and comedic sources, Boris may be a fairly easy or at least simplistic choice for a branding design out of the other ideas I have seen from others.

I have already been brainstorming in my head for 1 or 2 possible designs for a man as well known as Boris Johnson, namely revolving around the use of the British flag, as Boris is a highly known political figure within the UK.


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