What is Research?

Today we had a bit of refreshment session in order to remind ourselves about the meaning and importance of research, as well as remember the different types/aspects of research.

First we asked ourselves what research was in general. My response to the question was that:

“Research is to go out of your way to learn and understand more about something by reading/listening/watching informative sources about it.”

Next we went through a reminder about the different forms of information which go into research: qualitative, quantitive, Primary and Secondary.

qualitative: research refers to how detailed and valid the information gathered from the sources. For example, gathering a higher quality pieces of information from trusted sources is qualitative (although you can still get larger amounts high quality information). Qualitative information is well often seen as the more desired source of information as it means that the information that you do get is more likely to be correct and helpful to your objective.

Quantitive: research refers to how much information has been gathered from the research itself. Instead of using just one or two sources of information for research, quantitive information can be a mass of information from different sources and locations, creating one final piece of information for use. An example of this can be seen within mass handouts of questionnaires to people in public places. Qantitive information is only often used by business or groups who wish to obtain a large amount of question results within a short amount of time.

Primary: research refers to infomration that you yourself research in order to gain firsthand information for an objective. Anything that does not come from a secondhand will often count as primary information as it will made solely by you or a college. An example of this could be going to an event itself in order to gather information about it, rather than just reading about it in the news.

Secondary: research refers to any form information that you obtain from an outside source, in other words, any information that was recorded by someone else before you used it for research. An example of this could be as simple as reading a book to research information, or asking someone else to obtain the research for you (e.g. an organisation who does the research for other businesses in return for payment).



Branding – Logo Thumbnail Brainstorming

Today, in order to quickly come up with a few new possible ideas for later down the project, I have decided to do a list of thumbnail sketches of logos that I could use for Boris’s brand.

I first decided to start off my sketches by making a list of adjectives about Boris himself, with aspects such as his hair and oddness being notable points, other things I listed off were his popular depiction of him using a bike (as I rediscovered the fact that Boris is an avid supporter of bike riding, and is know for biking around London for work), his British standing point, his friendly nature and his posh tone.

After writing up the list, I selected 5 of the points I saw most suiting for a logo and started working on the thumbnails themselves, starting with the ideas I had freshest in my mind:

Most designs as you can probably see are aimed around the theme of Boris being a national figure within the UK, hence the large variety of British flag based designs. Along with the British flag, I also tried focusing on Boris’s unique hairstyle, as I’ve noticed that with people such as Donald Trump, will often be easily recognise for their unique haircut almost instantly. I have tried in multiple ways here to bring as much attention to his hair as possible, whether it is through making is hair a different colour than the rest of his design, or by combining my previous idea of adding the Union Jack to his hair.

Other ideas I tried were about other popular aspects about Boris, such as his bike, as Boris is well known within the UK for riding a bike around London, as well as incouraging other to use bikes as well.

However, one of my earlist and most prominent ideas I had when creating this page of sketches was the theme of using the classical side portrait of queen elizabeth, using a side portrait of Boirs instead of the queen. Since Boris is concidered a large figure within British Government, it seems fitting that anyone within the government would want to be seen in such a royal view. This idea also allows me to combine several of the previously mentioned ideas such as his haircut and the Union Jack.

Celebrity Research – Boris Johnson

Despite knowing a little about the oddball politician, I feel that it is best for me to first do some research for the purpose of understanding Boris’s ideals and political views, as these aspects can heavily effect the overall design of his brand, as certain choices I could make without doing the research beforehand may be inappropriate should they conflict with his true ideals and background.

After starting my research on Boris’s past, I was quick to discover that boris was not actually born within the UK, but New York City (America). This little detail may somewhat effect the designs I can create as his foreign origins may effect (or flat-out push aside) the ideas I had for him to be shown as a purely British figure within the UK. Despite this fact however, I do not see any sign of Boris thinking that this makes him any less British than any other brit, and thus may make my previous ideas still valid for use.

While doing my research, I have also discovered that Boris is a proud and passionate supporter of LGBT rights, as I found a quote from him refusing and criticising a Christian campaign group for wanting to set up advertisement on London buses promoting that gay people should use prayer and seek therapy in oder to cure themselves. He was quoted say that “it is offensive to suggest that being gay is an illness that someone can recover from”.

I have always know, even before this research that boris was the current mayor of London and a prominent member of the government. However, I also know for a long time how much of an oddball Boris has always seemed to be. With dozens (if not hundreds) of humorous or silly quotes taken from his speeches over the years, it is very tempting for me to incorporate some of his more popular quotes for the design of his brand.

Celebrity and Self Branding (Boris & Me)

With the early introduction of our new project, we have been given the task of designing a brand for both myself, and a random celebrity that could be professionally used by said celebrity and me.

The brand itself can be created in the form of a logo that the person could use within the marketing of their image and goals. The brand will have to reflect both my aspects and the celebrity’s image by fitting the designs to our more prominent qualities, such as my art style and design techniques and the celebrity’s career or position.

Using the old “pull a name out of the hat” trick using a list of names created by me and the rest of the class, I have been given a rather ironic choice for my celebrity, one of my own given choices, the current British MP “Boris Johnson”. I found this choice to be a rather interesting one since, from what I have seen from various news and comedic sources, Boris may be a fairly easy or at least simplistic choice for a branding design out of the other ideas I have seen from others.

I have already been brainstorming in my head for 1 or 2 possible designs for a man as well known as Boris Johnson, namely revolving around the use of the British flag, as Boris is a highly known political figure within the UK.