With the logo now complete, I think that I should take this moment to think about how I feel about its final design, and any improvements that could have been made around it.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 12.43.33

Positives – In general, I am very, very happy with how the final design looks. The design for both the fox and the type turned out spectacularly and the bright and friendly colours just add to its attractiveness. I will be sure to take note on the design I chose for the fox for future use as well as remember the method used to create the stylised typeface I used for the logo itself.

Improvements – In truth, while I still love the colour style used for the type and ball, I still feel as if there might be a better colour combination somewhere out there which I have yet to see, although this is only nitpicking. I also feel nitpicky over the thinner edge of the “O” in fox, as the thinist point of the O looks a little odd in my opinion, but is something that could easily be worked around should it bother me too much.