With the year now coming to an end, it is time to look over the past type projects and the progress made since them.

The projects listed for my type portfolio consist of the following:

  • The Solar-Flare Zine
  • The Book Cover
  • The Ethics Poster
  • The Environment Spread
  • The Punctuation Mark
  • And the Type Logo

Throughout this year, we have had a wide variety of type based project place before us, each with their own tasks and hurdles. I can currently say that this area of work within this portfolio has possibly been my most successful work up until this point in time, as almost every piece has turned out to become, in some form or another, something which I can be proud of.

The Zine project was a fairly new task to me as it required me to work within a small group of people, all of whom were banned from using any form of digital device for the creation of 20 page magazine based within the ruins of a solar apocalypse. Each member was given the task to create 4-5 pages using whatever non digital method they could find. I found the task itself rather interesting due to its practical limitations and in how we would have to communicate heavily in order to create an effective piece due to the project mostly taking place across a reading week away. I am quite happy with how most of the