With the design ideas now set, I have begun creating the logo on Illustrator using the ideas generated from my sketches. I have decided to use illustrator for this task as I feel the most comfortable creating any form of digital design, as well as my favour of its vast array of tools of features compared to other programs.

I first started out by drawing out the outline for the fox and ball itself using the pen tool.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 12.10.53

Next I filled in the design with the appropriate colours.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 12.11.21

With the design complete, I began testing the designs with some ideas for what the type shall look like for the orb design. My first idea was to have a stylised “FOX” be the prominent word on the design, which made with the pen tool and styled shaped lines feature. After that I tried finding a suitable style for the follow up word (which was a draw between entertainment (was unsure whether to make a logo for a completely different business at the time) and arts).

For entertainment, I tried using a more simplistic font such as Arial and placed it over a curved line in order to make it curl around the edge of the ball. However, I eventually got tire of finding the right angle of the type and drop the idea due to it looking too out of place next to the rest of the type. Due to it being more compact I chose to use “art” for the sub word and gave it the same style of type as the main word. Overall I think that this word and typeface are far more better suited compared to the previous, as they no longer look out of place.

Next I began experimenting with the colour choices for the type and ball within the centre.

Within the end, I found that the light and dark green combination for the colours was the best overall (possibly due to green being my favourite colour in general), as it seems to somehow fit together rather nicely and still keeps its friendly appearance together. And with that, the logo is now complete.