Punctuation – Progress

Progress so far on the punctuation project has been going rather quickly, as the simplicity of the design makes it rather easy to pick out a design from multiple choices we can create. The sarkmark design which I have decided to continue using for the final piece shall now be the one shown bellow:

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 13.28.05

I was originally planning on using the swirled arrow design for final design at first, as I believed that the curly depiction of the mark would give the design a bit of silliness, which relates to the fact that the mark represents sarcasm (humor). However, I have since decided to change that idea to a different design as I felt as if the use of the swirl would look rather messy in smaller type, and having tested it for myself, found that making the swirl look just right was a bit of a chore, and thus swapped it out for the arrow-like design instead.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 13.38.26

I did this as I felt that the use of a jagged line was much easier to draw in small scale than the swirl (as it would look more like a black circle at smaller sizes). The jagged lines also do still retain some aspects of the sarcasm within the fact that it looks like a odd looking pointing arrow.

I am currently quite happy with how the new design for my punctuation has turned out, as it is both simple to draw and remember when reading a passage. I will have to start work on the layout of the final design, as well as some possible designs for different versions/styles of the type.




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